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Trends in The Industry

I’m sure we all remember the iconic turquoise lighting bolt necklace and the turquoise lighting bolt rings that went crazy in 2020. They were the item everyone had on their wishlist. It was a limited style to find for businesses to get their hands on. A shape that wasn’t common to be cut by a lapidary, (the artists that cut stones from blocks of turquoise or other materials). Today, lighting bolt jewelry is something that are quite common.

Every year or so we see something like the lighting bolt. 2021 was stars, everyone wanted them in every stone. Star styles are still hot and something I don’t see fading as they’re very fun and whimsical. I really can’t pinpoint what it’s been for 2022, this year has been unique and the new pieces and styles that have been created in the industry are unique as well, which I personally love! Something I’ve seen a lot more of this year was mens jewelry, of course it’s always been around but more and more it’s been acceptable to get the men in our life’s into the native made jewelry love. And who can’t deny that a guy who has good style is not awesome!

In all honesty I feel like 2022 has been a year of trendy basics. Finding pieces that you won’t get rid of in a couple years or feel like they aren’t “cool” anymore because personally I would rather invest in a piece I know is not going out of style that I will love forever rather than the latest trend of the year. Hoops were a big deal, and I am here for it! Getting my hands on sterling hoops has been tricky because I am also so picky with the pieces I curate for Rowdy K. But when I find a good pair I don’t hesitate on it.

Of course there is always the tried and true pieces we see and wear for years. The plain sterling pieces, cuffs and rings. Hand stamped pieces are a piece that I believe will stand the test of time and even if they don’t I’m wearing them for good!Something simple that we can reach for every day. Something that holds its value is important to me as I do wear a lot of my jewelry around livestock!


What do you think has been the biggest trend of Native American jewelry in 2022? What do you think will be the next big thing of this year? I’d love to know in the comments!!

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