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My Winter Necessities

Here’s just a fun post that I put together over my thanksgiving break while I was home. I like hearing what everyone’s “survival items” are. Its kind of like a version of “what’s in my bag”. Please share your essentials in the comments, as I’d love to hear them! 

A black turtleneck

  • An obvious need, not saying that I don’t have multiple colors but black is the one I am most often spotted in & could not live without as it goes with everything.

Ski pants

  • Everyone has their own spiel on these so save yours as I don’t care about your opinion for this choice. I will never, ever not have a pair on hand for the winter. They are my second skin in the barn.

A good beanie and stormy Kromer

  • I believe there’s a time and place for both so I’ll include both. It’s winter, you probably haven’t washed your hair in a couple days and your ears are cold. In the barn I go beanie 9/10. But when it comes to getting a nickel more “dressed up” I’ll go stormy kromer.


  • if im in the barn or doing chores I am absolutely NOT putting real pants or jeans on under my ski pants. I don’t need to impress anyone because we all know I won’t take the ski pants off until I put my pajamas on anyways (if I’m lucky to get to that step in the routine). Now that I’m in college I’ve seen that there are many ways to make these fashionable outside of the ski pants and barn. As I’m rarely in the barn anymore (crying on the inside) I have to change my ways a bit to fit in with society as I guess it’s unacceptable to wear ski pants to class in Oklahoma. Let me know your favorite way to style leggings for winter & being “semi-presentable”.


  • if I’m not at a show there’s a good chance I have on a pair of bleached cowboy cuts. My absolute favorite color of the tried and true denim. I do like a good vintage blue pair on occasion though.

Cute jeans

  • we all know what I’m talking about, be it sevens, KanCans, rock and roll. Whatever. They’re the ones that make you look good and the kind you save for the shows. When you want people to think you’re not the barn rat that we all know we are.

Whatever sweatshirt im obsessed with that year

  • if you know me personally you know winter 2020-21 was the purple quarter zip. It went great with the black REI ski pants and the lack of effort I put into my daily look. Paired with my paint & pile stained twisted x’s & a parka it was a very attractive look. This year i went with the royal blue Sherpa that also paired well with leggings and a switch up on shoes I’ve now been converted to keens!

Some darn gloves

  • Somehow my 30 year old, leather glove with cashmere lining flew out the window of my car & ended up in a ditch somewhere in Oklahoma, so I had to downgrade to a pair of real barn gloves. They’re pretty snazzy, having my brand and all on them. Finding gloves for child sized hands is a very hard task so I might just have to search the ditches to find my right hand glove. 

*now that the branded gloves are launching I can share the details and I love our gloves! They have kept me warm in the barn & in the field. And I’m one to be cold blooded so that’s saying something!

Wool socks

  • just because it wasn’t my first thought doesn’t mean it lacks importance, As these are quite important to me. I get mine from Costco, the absolute best for $15. I’m obsessed, my mom is obsessed, it’s a family staple to go to Costco every winter and buy two packs for us to fight over.

Honorable mentions: 

  • Of course I still wear jewelry, as it is literally my business. My top 5 are as follows solid .925 hand-me-down hoops from my momma, studded Tony Hawk ring, sterling screw bracelet and another hand-me-down a chi-o ring from my grandmother (no I’m not even in a sorority)!  If you can’t tell I’ve got a thing for heirloom pieces which is a goal I’ve given every Rowdy K piece. 
  • Now I won’t say that these are all I wear as I definitely sway between a lot of my pieces these are just my dailies. Some other favorites, 8mm 18” pearls, 5mm pearl bracelet, carniated cuff and tooled sterling cuff to name just a few!

I hope y’all have a happy and safe holiday. Happy shopping tomorrow! Thanks so much for reading & being apart of the Rowdy K journey! New & exciting things are in the works!

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