Limited Lifetime Warranty – ROWDY K

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dear Clients,

I truly appreciate your business and because of this I am introducing a limited lifetime warranty on hand strung pieces! I trust that my pieces are made to last. I will gladly repair if a clasp, crimp bead or extender breaks. Authentic sterling pearls will stand the test of time if cared for properly but often what doesn’t stand the time is the findings that make it a functioning necklace. Although all RKB findings are done in sterling silver, I have often found that they can have defects or just simply wear out after daily use over the years. This is why I decided to implement this program to stand behind my product and help customers if something like that does happen! All I ask is that a customer contacts me about the item and they ship it back to me in the box it came in or in bubble wrap in order to protect the pearls/beads themselves. I will then repair in a timely matter and ship back to you! 

This program will be designed on a trust basis. I will only repair my own work for free but am open to repairing or restringing other works for a reasonable price, so if that is something you’re interested in feel free to contact me! 

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